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Turning Rhetoric into a Quality Label for the Future

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IMS 2020 presents its quality label at the 2012 World Health Summit

A team of prominent European and Australian medical faculties working in collaboration with two European consultancy firms are on the verge of introducing a quality label to measure standards and levels of internationalization in medical education and research worldwide. This was the far reaching message at the annual meeting of the International Medical School 2020 (IMS) project that took place on the 22nd October within the context of the 2012 World Health Summit at the Charité – Universitätsmedizin Berlin. “The IMS 2020 quality label will take a huge step towards achieving worldwide comparability of quality in internationalization in medical education and research” explained Ulrike Arnold, Head of the Charité International Cooperation (ChIC) and coordinator of the IMS 2020 project. “The label will improve visibility of the levels and standards of internationalization at medical faculties worldwide”. At the meeting a comprehensive presentation on the label methodology including label dimensions and filter criteria provided a concise insight into the previous two years project work.

The IMS 2020 quality label aims to enable the identification of leading international medical faculties and assist and advise in methods of improvement in this field. Thus such a label would facilitate and encourage the development of effective and sustainable internationalization strategies at medical faculties worldwide.

IMS 2020 is a three year Erasmus Life Long Learning project funded by the European Commission. Project partners include the Charité, Université Paris Descartes, the University of Antwerp, Sapienza Universitià di Roma, the Swedish Karolinska Institutet, the Medical University of Warsaw, Monash University of Melbourne (Australia), Brussels Education Services and the German consulting firm CHE Consult.

The next steps for the IMS 2020 project will be to embark on a test phase to valorize qualitative and quantitative indicators detailed in the quality label. In the near future IMS 2020 hopes to collaborate with M8 Alliance partner institutions thus assimilating North and South American and Asian institutions into its work. The M8 Alliance is a network of academic health centers and medical universities dedicated to improve global health. Furthermore the positive resonance from institutions further afield implicates possible future collaboration with African and other developing world countries. The IMS 2020 quality label would thus have an impact well beyond European frontiers. It is hoped that actual label accreditation will begin late 2013 or early 2014.


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Rachel Seeling, M.D.
IMS 2020 Project Manager
Charité International Cooperation
Charité – Universitätsmedizin Berlin
t: +49 30 450 576 337

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